[Tips] Pack Moving Boxes like a Pro!

Unless you want all your belongings to end up smashed and broken, you will need to be careful how you pack your moving boxes. Plus, the better you pack your boxes, the fewer you will need – which means the move will go much faster because there are so fewer boxes to carry. Here are some tips for packing moving boxes to get you started.

Use the Right Packing Supplies
It is understandable that you don’t want to pay for moving boxes, but that doesn’t mean you should use the gross, dirty ones from the supermarket either. First scour online sites for free boxes, and then go to places where they can give you clean boxes for free, such as furniture and appliance stores. In addition to moving boxes, you will also need packing tape and box labels.

Know Your Boxes
Don’t make the mistake of loading up a lot of heavy items into a large box. You won’t be able to carry the box and it could break. Follow these guidelines instead:
• Small boxes: Tools, books, DVDs, heavy items
• Medium boxes: Kitchen items, small appliances, toys
• Large boxes: Lamp shades, board games, large appliances
• Extra-large boxes: Linens, pillows, towels, stuffed toys

Know Your Bubble Wrap Alternatives
You will need some sort of cushioning for your breakable belongings. Instead of using bubble wrap or tissue paper, you can save some money and space by using soft items that you already have. For example, you can fold towels in the bottom of a box to provide extra cushioning. You can put socks over your stemware to protect it. And you can use dish towels to wrap your China. This will make unpacking a bit of a pain (you will have socks in with your kitchen stuff!) but you will save room in your boxes.

Get Some Specialty Boxes
There are a lot more types of boxes for moving than just S, M and L! You can also find specialty boxes for easily packing certain items. These can be a life saver and help ensure your belongings don’t end up broken. Some to consider are:
• Mirror boxes (also good for other framed objects)
• Wardrobe boxes
• Flat screen TV boxes
• Mattress cartons (some moving companies provide these for free)
• Reinforced boxes (for extra heavy items)
• Dish packs

Clean and Organize Before You Pack
The best thing you can do to make packing and unpacking easier is to clean and organize your home before packing. Take the time (several weeks if necessary!) to sort through all of your belongings and put them where they should be – such as all extra linens in the linen closet, all toys in your child’s room, and all office supplies together. This will allow you to pack items by room so you don’t end up with a lot of mismatched items in each box (which means you’d have to walk all over your new home to put the item where it really should go).