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Leakage was over twenty-five percent which was a real big surprise in a new home a duct leakage analysis measures air pressure both inside and outside the house a register temperature test measures how hot or cold the air entering a room is in comparison to all other rooms in the house the room airflow test only rite way heating cooling & plumbing tucson az.

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Measures the incoming air supply the return air performance test will help determine if the air conditioning and heating systems have undersized return air grills the duct system diagnosis also includes a combustion safety test to measure if any air is being sucked back into the home either through a fireplace or furnace the final phase is a complete visual inspection of duct work to identify any problems that might require manual correction Ultra Air Conditioning.

When the testing is completed the sales representative will take the homeowner through the analysis step by step all results are automated to prevent any airs a six-page report is generated describing any problems found and possible solutions once we made the appointment the technician came out and had to do some prep work on our house.

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He had to seal the registers and set up the equipment once the sealing process began it took about an hour to actually seal the car the technician will install phone plugs into all air conditioning repairing openings an access hole is cut into the supply or return plenum and a temporary collar is attached the arrow seal injection machine is then connected to the duct system using a long flexible plastic tube a patented computer-controlled.