Never Suffer From Tucson ac repair Again

He was fine I pulled out my multimeter and checked a few things everything seemed okay so then I fired everything up I turned it on and like I said the fan was hard hard to start but it did start it did run and it took a while but the compressor kicked on as well so what I suspect is the problem here is that either it’s got some sort of delay built into the circuitry.

where the compressor doesn’t come on immediately or the capacitor is bad it just it doesn’t look bad if you look at the top usually when they go bad they start to bulge and this one’s perfectly fine on top perfectly fine on the bottom well I mean technically this is the top and that’s the bottom but either way that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good it’s just it’s a good indicator that it’s that it’s good what I’ll have to do is as sometime in the near future I’ll take that completely.

out and test it with my multimeter some common things you might find like I say the first thing you should you should be checking for is this fuse check all your connections to make sure everything is solid if if you’ve moved the air conditioner around something might have jostled and got free this guy right here is a relay as you can see the main power from our power from our power cord comes in it splits off one end goes here one end goes here into the relay and then this black.

wire goes up and that’s this black wire right here not sure if you can see that very well so if this units damaged the fan might still run but the compressor is not going to run so turn the unit on wait for a few minutes to to account for any delay circuitry and then check your continuity between these two.