The Truth About Reverse Vasectomy Is About To Be Revealed

Those fragments used to be sperm and they’re on that pathway to complete re absorption by the body and again it just changes how easily and how quickly sperm is going to return to that man’s ejaculate so quality of fluid is critical so if I do a vasectomy reversal on a man that’s one year out from his vasectomy and I find that paste and I do have a second reversal on a man that’s.

years out from his vasectomy and I find motile sperm who do you think is going to have the best chance as a success it’s the guy with motile sperm it doesn’t matter whether he was a year out or years out so again that’s why it’s relative the time to vasectomy and there’s a couple of things that we can do to predict whether or not I’m going to find that motile sperm on that and the two things that I look for on my physical exam when I see that man is I want to know where in the scrotum is a vasectomy.

was done we know that the higher up in the scrotum the further away from the testicle the better the chances of finding good sperm at the time of reversal that’s number one and number two is that there is a little scar tissue that we call a sperm granular and it feels sometimes like a pea-sized nodule sometimes they can be as big as golf balls but essentially the presence of a granular in the in the scrotum on the vs defer ens is also not quite a hundred percent but about as close to a hundred percent predictive that we’re gonna find good sperm and good fluid at the time of Elvis acting we reversal.

so I can do that at the time of his initial consultation which is why this is so important to get an evaluation ahead of time from from your your reversal surgeon it’s that physical exam is critical for he or she to give you the best chances of a successful prediction for outcomes of this procedure so that’s what the physical exam findings tell me experience of the surgeon a shameless self plug but really you do want to go to somebody that has.